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Nord MM -- USB --- PROBLEM!! -- help please.


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I am not smart when it comes to computers.


This was set up and running at my parent's house. Where my Dad did the set-up. (I am home now.)


The computer is not "seeing" the M-Audio 1x1. (USB-MIDI box) At my parent's house, the M-audio's green LED's would light. Now, nothing.


The Modular editor is still able to be shown, but the screen is totally blank.



My Dad's suggestion was to check the connectios, which was done 10x before i called.


Any ideas or comments are greatly appreciated.


I heve no clue what is going on. I am pretty sure the programs are loaded correct, because it worked before.



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windows 98? 2000? XP?


Do you know how to check your device manager? Control panel -> system then the rest depends on what OS your using,


check to see if it is listed there.


what do the directions on the maudio say to do? do you have to install the drivers first?

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