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GK MB2-500


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Looking at possibly getting rid of my MB2-500 and maybe getting an MB-Fusion when they come out...


Revision A05, like new (gigged once...otherwise has sat in my apartment on top of my LDS 212/6.5 cab) and in great condition. I have the original box, footswitch, and cable to send off with the amp.


I have a 6ft, Monster Pro 1000 speaker cable I'll sell with the head...if someone WANTS to buy it, add a price onto the head for an offer.


Asking $400+shipping ($15 on average...this amp is only 4 lbs...box weight is like...6...)


These go for $500 new, I know...but if you ask ANYONE when they buy a new one, you have NO clue what revision you get...so you don't know what tone stack, updates, or anything. Sure, you may be fine, but I know A00 (which is apparently still pretty common to get) has a LOT of issues, and then you'd have to wait on GK to get you a replacement for the new amp you JUST bought...yay! So I don't think asking $100 less for something you KNOW what revision it is, and is practically brand-spanking new is out of line.


PM me offers or let me know!


Paypal or cash-in-hand only!









Any basses, tuners, or cabs (or anything EXCEPT the amp pictured) are not included!

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