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73 Ampeg V4B

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Sometimes called the little brother to the SVT (or the poor man's Model T) this is the original non-Master Volume bass version of the V4, but it kills for guitar too. Has 4 original 7027A power tubes (RCA), as well as the original set of preamp tubes (so far as I can tell). I'm fairly sure the amp is a 1973 model.


It has ultra-low, mid, and ultra-hi rockers to shape the EQ. Some of the front panel is a little worn off (it is 37 years old after all), and a lot of the back panel and inside is fairly dusty (it hasn't had much use in the last long while).


I just recently pulled it out of storage, and it powered up fine and gave me reasonable volume for the low setting i had it on (I now live in an apartment). Tubes all glow, but considering they also are 37 years old, I'd say a retube/service would probably be a recommendation before you start gigging it consistently.


Only mod is for a 3-prong power plug.


Here are some pics:










Interested in trades for vintage single-channel guitar amps (Orange, Matamp, Hiwatt, Sound City, etc) or modern channel changers (Rivera, VHT, Soldano, etc) or will sell for 700 Shipped and Paypalled (it's heavy).

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