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FS - Ampeg B5R 500W 2-channel Head USA MADE!! Plus extras.

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Fs is an Ampeg B5R. USA MADE!!!!Selling my Ampeg B5R Dual Channel head. It's in good condition. All knobs are there, head fully functional, minimal scratches, etc. There are a few minor rust spots on the front. Has two channels (clean and overdrive) and an octaver too!!! You can also combine the clean and overdrive channels (very useful). I'll let mine go for just $375!


Product Details:

When you're ready to BE a player, crank out the powerful textured sound that gets you there. The 500-watt B-5R is designed to take Ampeg's B-Series premise one step further. Not only great, plug-and-play sound for the clean channel, but channel switch or blend in an awesome overdrive sound. The integral variable Octave doubler expands your playing horizons for special effects or tone extension. 1/4" and Nutrik Speakon outputs.



Dimensions: 19 x 3.5 x 15

Weight: 20 Pounds

Balanced Line Out

Effects Loop

Mid Tone Control: Style/Ultra Mid


Tone Controls: 3 band & OD Style



Also for sale but not pictures is a Sansamp Bass Driver DI preamp brand new. Also a Bass POD bean. Contact for pics of these.


Ampeg - $425 sh/pp OBO

Sansamp - $150.00 sh/pp

POD - $100.00 sh/pp




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