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Bass Rigs, Effects for sale!

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First post but I've read HC for a while. Very informative place so I figured that I would post my sale on here. I'm wanting to reinvent my rig by purchasing an Orange Rig, which means, I need to sell this stuff!



Musicman Audiophile HD-500 head in Rackmount Case w/Fender tuner also in rack, heavy duty. Tube Preamp and 500w of power! Great Shape! (everything listed here for $500 shipped)


Musicman 212 Cab and 210 Cab - Perfectly compliments the HD-500! Also in Great Shape. I have owned this rig for 3 years now, and haven't used it much over the past year. Cabs together $500 pickup only.


If you can arrange to pickup entire rig, I will sell entire setup for $700. I live in Bowling Green, KY (45 min from Nashville, TN)


Also for sale, I have an Eden Metro Combo 210 - Good Shape but a few dings, pickup only for $500


Bass Guitar: Fender JP-90, white, tons of dings, bought it on ebay earlier this year, fretless. $300




Bassballs Pedal (Black Older Version) $80 shipped

Boss ODB-3 - $60 Shipped

Electro Harmonix Hot Tubes - $160 shipped

Fullton Bassdrive - $150 Shipped



If you need any pics, please send me a PM. same goes if you have any questions!

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