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Bassin' 'Round

FS: Over 20 AS NEW Pedals, (2) NIB Fishman Solo Amps, & Bass Guitars/Bass Amps

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All pedals in As New shape w/box & instructions, unless noted (some are NIB). Only a very few ever on a board. No velcro. Most only engaged by hand, or only stepped on with socks. I'm just an in-home adult noodler who babies his gear. Email pics available w/your address.


Trades considered, especially nice bass cabinets. Must be in excellent shape or better.


Pedal prices are PayPal'd & shipped USPS conus w/Delivery Confirmation Receipt #. Basses & Amps by PayPal eCheck & shipped conus Ground UPS or Fedex. Will Ship Internationally.


Vocal Floor Processor:

T. C. Helicon VoiceLive 2. NIB. $619 (PayPal eCheck). Tremendous might not be a strong enough word.




...a few VoiceLive 2 demo vids...




Guyatone MT-3. NIB. $75



EHX POG. $220



Maxon DS-830. Very Near Mint. $145

Death By Audio Octave Clang. NIB. $235

Subdecay Flying Tomato (Mutant) 2.0. $135

M.I. Audio Neo Fuzz. $135



Retroman Uber Vibe. $255



Cusack Tap-A-Whirl (Donnerbox). $225



Cusack Tap-A-Phase (Donnerbox). $265

Studio Electronics ModMax. $275. $OLD! Thanks Alec!

Maxon PH-350. Very Near Mint. Pedal only. $265

EHX Small Stone (NYC re-issue, true by-pass). Near Mint. $95



Line6 LiquaFlange. $55



DLS Chorus~Vib. NIB. $170

DLS Ultra Chorus II. $225

Analogman Clone Chorus w/Deep Switch. $235

Red Witch Empress. $235


Multi Modulation:

Digitech EX-7. $135



Moog Bass MuRF. $315

Subdecay Prometheus. No silly flame graphics. $205



EHX Holiest Grail. $275

T.C. Electronic Nova Reverb. NIB. $195

Line6 Verbzilla. $120

Digitech DigiVerb. NIB. $75. $OLD! Thanks David!



Boss RE-20 Space Echo. NIB. $195. $OLD! Thanks Alexis!

Maxon AD-999. $270

T.C. Electronic Nova Delay. NIB. $195. $OLD! Thanks Luyi!

DLS Echo Tap. $215

EHX DMM XO. NIB. $250. $OLD! Thanks Luyi!



Boomerang+ w/mint Boomerang gigbag. $295


...Bass Stuff...



Mesa 400+. Very Near Mint. With or without 6-space SKB rack. ~25 tube hours. $1049

T.C.Electronic RH450 & Footswitch. 100% NIB. 10/10. Pristine. 1st quality. Not a 2nd, B-grade, demo, etc... $749

EA iAmp 800. Mint w/2-space rack bag. $699

SWR Mo'Bass. Very Near Mint. $599



Epifani Quest II. Mint w/original carton. $515


Headphone Amp/Preamp:

Phil Jones Bass Buddy. Mint w/Phil Jones gigbag. $285



Rob Allen MB-2 lined fretless. Mint w/Pro-Tech gigbag. $1595

Martin Aternative-X Hollowbody. Mint w/ohsc. $895

Cort Curbow (CAR) w/Bartolini soap. Mint w/Fender gigbag. $245


...Fishman Solo Amps (2)...


Factory Sealed NIB! 1st Quality (not 2nd, blem, demo, etc...).

Regular price for these units is $999.99. Get this Brand New Unit for $799 PayPaled & shipped conus ($780 w/PayPal eCheck).


Email pics of the unopened boxes available with your addy.


Vids & reviews attached below.


Read about & listen to the product...







http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Fishman-SA220-Solo-Performance-System-Acoustic-Guitar-Amp?sku=483301 ...Click on "Read Reviews" next to the (4 1/2 out of 5) Gold Stars, just above the price...

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