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Sunn 1200s 2 rackspace hybrid head

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With a problem. The dirty channel doesnt work. Havent figured out if it's a switching FET or what.


Otherwise it's a 1200 watt into a 2 ohm load head. More power than anyone will ever need unless you're doing arenas. My band bitches if I turn it up to 3.


This IS NOT the 60s 120watt tube head. This is the solid state/tube hybrid amp from the 90s.


Low and Hi boost. Low and Hi eq. Mid cut. Low and Hi compressor as well as a compressor eq balance and gain trim. 10 band switchable eq. Effects loop. Tuner out. 1/4" and XLR line out pre or post eq.


This is the same model Fender turned into the Fender Bassman 1200.


I'd love to get $500 + shipping out of her or else I'll keep her and terrorize my band (although I need to get my 70s SVT fixed). Or make me an offer. I do need a nice in-ear monitor system....


I do have the 3 button footswitch for this amp and I'll also include a copy of the schematics as well as the owners manual.

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