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GK 400RB 210&115 Bass Combo - $650

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Gallien-Krueger 400RB/210 Bass Combo Amp w/ GK 1x15 extesion cab


This is a great 240 Watt 2x10 bass combo amp that has all the great features offered on the head plus an added 1x15 Gallien-Krueger extension cab. For smaller shows you can take the 2x10 and for bigger venues you can add the 1x15.

The cabinets are carpet covered, and the combo can tilt back for tight playing situations. They feature RBH hardware like massive custom tooled corners, 16 gauge steel grills, and speakers from the RBS series cabinets.

This unit has been in storage the last seven years and has seen little use. Comes with owner's manual and unfilled warranty card.


Location is in north central Iowa. Can deliver to parts of MN, SD, NE. Will meet half distance, from Estherville, IA to deliver, or I may be able to deliver if needed. Payments accepted are cash at delivery/pickup or via Paypal - pre sale. PM with a email address for pics.

I have 100%+ feedback on ebay and have refs from tons of deals on here, RT, TGP and BAM.



Power: 280W@4ohm,180W@8ohm, 1 kHz.

(150W Into Internal Speakers.)

Cooling: Continuously Variable Speed Fan.

Input Section: Ultra low noise S/N>90dB, Clip LED,

10dB Pad, Volume and Tuning Mute.

Voicing Filter: 5/4 String Bass, Adjustable Contour and Presence.

Equalizer: Bass Specific Series Four Band Active.

Output: Boost and Master.

Direct out: XLR, Ground Lift and Pre/Post Switches

Patching: Send, Return and Tuner Out.

PWR Connectors: Two 1/4" jacks.

Woofer: 2xGK-Paragon 10B100-16 10", 100W, 16ohm High Presence Voice Coil

Construction: Heavily Braced Cabinet, 16 Gauge Steel Grill,

Black Carpet, Front Port and Custom Tooled Interlocking

Corner System.

Weight: 65 lbs Dimensions: 23"W x 19"H x 16"D for the 2x10 combo

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