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FS: Mesa/Boogie D-180, Orange OR-120 Overdrive!

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Orange OR-120 Overdrive:


Modified by John at Ampjunkyard to revert the OR circuit (which is already very close to the graphic circuit), to be the same exact circuit, and he did an outstanding job. Mercury Magnetics trannies. Ken Fischer MV mod, making for the smoothest and most linear MV I've ever used. All these modifications were done before I purchased the amp about a year ago. This was one of John's two personal amps, both being completely identical. This was the backup, and since he no longer plays out he sold it. Tolex is in good condition, the chassis and interior are spotless.


Monster tones. **This is the best sounding clean to mid gain amp I've ever heard** I should say now I have a good reference, I've worked for platinum selling artists and on stage in front of crowds of 30,000+ people so I've heard all kinds of setups. Orange amps always seemed to sit best in the mix so that is what I've stuck with all these years. There's a beefiness to them that most amps just don't possess.


Clean breakup and mid gain tones are some of the best I've ever heard...think AC/DC, Zeppelin, Sabbath. I would set up the amp to a good mid gain tone, around AC/DC territory, and just back off my picking for some of the best, fullest cleans you've ever heard, then simply dig in a little for varying amounts of gain. No pedal needed for that! Although if you want some fuzz or time-based FX, it takes pedals like a champ. A friend of mine and I compared his '73 OR-120 to this amp and this guys won out, he even admitted it. Much better cleans, mid gain tone, and dynamics. You will not be sorry. I've been around these forums a long time and have owned lots of amps. I'm selling this guy only because I have a project I'm pouring all my money into (notice my Harley-Davidson's also for sale, btw!) Comes with a brand spankin new quad of SED Winged =C= EL34's from Doug's Tubes.


I'm only looking for cash at the moment, although I would make an exception for a Matamp.




Mesa/Boogie D-180:


A rare amp handmade and handwired in the early 80's, (only about 800 were made from '82-'83 to be exact), the D-180 is the predecessor of the 400 and 400+ bass amps. What makes this amp different and sought after is that is was designed for both guitar and bass. A simple front panel layout, six 6L6's running at 180 tube watts, and two (non switchable channels). Plus into the 2nd channel for bass. Keep the Master on 10 and have a very warm clean tube bass tone up until about 7 when things start to break up in a very natural way that no pedal can emulate. True tube overdrive. The first channel was designed for guitar. What's unique to this amp is that when plugged into the first channel for guitar, you can cascade the gain from channel 2 into channel 1. Thus giving you two gain controls, twice the gain. It's capable of awesome amounts of warm clean, to overdrive, to balls out distortion, and at 180 watts you'll have all the power you need.

Much more can be found out about these incredible amps if you search "Mesa d-180 manual" and read up more on it. The amp comes with supposedly new JJ 6L6's but I can tell one or two of them are starting to make that soft hiss you get when a power tube is a month or so out from failing. I hate JJ's, but the amp came with a new set of them so I used it. I would recommend SED =C= 6L6's. Also, the amp cover is not original. That's a piece of 1/8th inch aluminum I had made from the fabrication shop at my work. I tried to line the holes up, and they do but they're not perfect. You won't get all the screws in, but under 1/8th inch of aluminum it's WELL protected! The capacitors are all new, i've cleaned all the internals and pots with electriclean prior to putting this baby up for sale. Everything is working perfect, no scratchy pots.


$925 shipped


Both amps are on sale on other websites as well. First person to pay gets it!









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