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FS: 1969 Sunn 2000S Stack. DC/MD/NoVa

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I've got a Sunn 2000S bass stack from 1969. All original except the tubes and it was recapped by Gary at garrett park guitars in 2009. These normally go for 2 grand on ebay. It's in good working condition. Pretty good cosmetic shape for being so old as well. It's currently at the shop so I don't have any pics (and i only got my first digital camera on saturday). It's not as super clean as some of the amps I've seen but there's no major damage to the tolex anywhere and the metal parts have just browned with time.


Comes with the monster matching 2x15 cab with original JBL D140 speakers. Inside of the cab dates the amp to May of 69'. It's ~120 watts of tube power. Gets ridiculously loud. It's also got the 3 prong power cord and death cap removed.


Disclaimer: one of the power tubes has blown, and it'll need a new set of KT88's (i could maybe replace just the one, but a matched quad is ideal for an amp like this). Hence why my asking price is so cheap! Standard fixer upper for a vintage tube amp enthusiast.


Serious inquiries only, pricing is firm at $1000


Pick up preferred in Bowie but I'd be willing to drive if i can find a car big enough to put the cab in :rolleyes:

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