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GK 400RB/JBL-Loaded EAW Cab

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Sacrifice time. I have some common nerve ailments that are causing me to leave my carpentry job, so I'm putting this tidy, sweet-smelling gig-rig up on the block. GK 400RB, that venerable classic, and a JBL K-140-loaded EAW VB-125 cab. The cab is of the specified internal dimensions for the speaker, and this well-ragged and weathered pair of ears says it's true.


The K-140 has a small tear in the dust cap, which I've super-glued shut. This is not an issue unless you are sure you can see it through the grille, and you're very O.C.D., which is possible, I guess. But you can't hear it.


The 400RB has no handle or rack-ears. The power cable has a couple spots that have been wrapped in electrical tape... it's only a problem if you're a sissy. Just kidding. :phil:


I'm looking for $400 for the rig. I'd prefer to sell it locally, in the New England area. Shipping is, just these days, a hassle. But I'll do it, on your dime, and give me a couple/few days to box it all up and get to the depot. I've had best luck with either USPS or UPS. I'm at 02917.


I'm not in love with losing this, so I'm not into a long haggling session... but I'll give a listen. It's not going if I don't feel it's reasonable- and I'm a pretty reasonable dude, for a musician. :cool:


More pix to come...






Here's the EAW VB-125 cab with a non-JBL in it...




And again, non-JBL with non-for-sale head on top...



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