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FS : Ashdown Labs AL-AD600 Full Stack

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FS/FT :|: Ashdown AL-AD600 :: Ashdown AL-C210H :: Ashdown AL-115 $900


TRADES? Just run them by me. I play guitar also and could use a tele or a backup amp. I could also use some recording equipment. I would gladly do a cash +/- deal.


This has been my main gigging setup for a couple years now and is AMAZING. It's incredibly loud when you need it to be, but is very easy to dial back down. For anyone not familiar with this exact setup, this was the Mark King signature model that they rebadged when his new signature model came out. Prior to me getting this, the grills were painted black to be more subtle than the original gold, and HIGH end wheels were added at the same time. The Korg tuner is NOT included, and I have the original Ashdown Labs blank which will be put in its place.


It's important to note that this does NOT have to sound like Mark King, in fact when you tune out/off the harmonic emphasis, this can sound like a very old-school tube amp. It's really incredibly versatile.


I am taking a break from my gigging band due to some health considerations, so I'm mostly playing in praise and corporate situations which only require a preamp. I also have another suitable live rig if the need arises. Also, I am NOT in a hurry to sell this, so the price is firm. New these things were a TON of cash, I got it in trade from our own 45cmckay105.


Worth mentioning, for you audiophiles out there, that the 15" cab is loaded with a SICA Loudspeakers LP 385.75/N360 WT 8ohm 350W Rated/ 700W Musical Professional Woofer. Italian thunder!!


Ashdown links:


AL-AD600 Head

AL-C210H Combo

AL-115 Cabinet







Shipping? - I would be willing to split (50-50) the actual shipping costs (that includes packing etc) with a prospective buyer. I would be driving this to the shipper and handing it off for packing/shipping.

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