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EDEN D210-XLT 8 ohm Bass Cabinets with Padded Cover - Condition = GREAT $400 Each

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EDEN D210-XLT 8 ohm Bass Cabinet with Padded Cover in excellent condition.

I have 2 EDEN D210-XLT cabinets for sale.

PAYPAL or CASH Only - Location is Northern New Jersey - 20 minutes from GW Bridge

These cabinets are now retailing at $799 plus shipping (covers purchased separately for about $75).

I priced shipping at FedEx and UPS.  Approximately $95 per cabinet just for shipping not including packaging.

Cabs are around 7 years old but I rarely used them and, as stated, they have the Eden padded covers.

I had an Eden Metro and bought the 1st cabinet to use with the Metro on 'rock' gigs.  The Metro weighed too much to carry around so I bought the 2nd cab and a WT400.

I wasn't gigging as frequently as I wanted, joined a wedding band , and used the Metro for that gig.

Reason for the long explanation...really didn't use the cabs so they're 'older' in years than they are in 'usage'.  Someone had contacted me about buying the cabs but didn't want to pay $400 for an 'old' cabinet.  I agree.  Pay $400 for a newer cabinet with more use. :smileyfrustrated:

They're in great shape and I'd prefer to sell locally.


From Eden Website: The D Series Eden Bass Guitar Enclosures are carefully engineered and hand crafted to give you years of trouble free world class performance even under the most strenuous performance conditions. At Eden, we approach speaker design from a different direction than most companies. Given our long history and wide industry background, we look at speaker systems as a logical extension of the player and instrument . We design and voice each enclosure to enhance certain traits just as a fine instrument is crafted. After you have spent your time and money finding the perfect bass you will want an amplifier and speaker system capable of doing it justice. Eden designs our own speakers and tweeters and has them built in the USA to our exacting standards. This allows us to control the sound and production quality of our own products very carefully, ensuring that you get the very best bass guitar products possible. We use AA furniture grade plywood, all Dado and Rabbet construction with the massive internal bracing required to really produce the low bass note properly. The porting is optimized for high level performance and the boxes are tuned to maximize sound quality and performance. The enclosures are all designed to reproduce the true sound of your bass with the proper character and clarity. Nothing sounds like an Eden.

D210XLT SPECS -Speakers EC-1060XL Cast Frame -Tweeter E-2700 Cast Bell -Crossover 3.5kHz @18db -Power Handling 350W RMS -Freq. Response 48hz - 14khz

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