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Brice Prestige Z 6; 5 string passive

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I have two basses that I want to give up to fund other purchases. Really four but the MTD Kingston 5 is waiting on a reply locally. If that goes bad then I will post it in this thread.




I have a Brice Prestige Z 6 string that is 2 months old and has a Bart 3 band EQ with switchable mids installed. The original EQ and extra knob are included. I just put LaBella Stainless strings on her and it sounds good. I am looking for 475.00 shipped not including paypal fees. That is basically what I paid for it shipped and not including the price of the Bart preamp.




SOLDThen there is the SX 75C that will include the covers. has one small ding on the neck that is hard to see and photograph but I will if someone wants me to. This one has Bart 9J1-L/S pickups in that I am possibly removing and putting back in the stock ones. I may be talked into keeping the Barts in the deal. I want 140.00 shipped not including Paypal. The Bart price can be negotiated.




Finally I have a 5 string bass that I installed Mighty Mite 5 soapbars in and it is passive. This bass is a prime candidate for modding and would certainly fit the bill for those jonesing for their first 5 string. This includes a Warwick rockbag gig bag. I am looking for 175.00 shipped.



I have the boxes ready and my UPS account is itching to be used. No trades please, I am just looking for cash. The only trade I would consider is trading the Brice for a Tune TWB-6 and some cash possibly. Please post any questions and I will respond as soon as I can. I will take Paypal, Western Union, or Money Order. I prefer Paypal though and the faster this happens the faster I ship. Sorry no international sales, just CONUS only. All basses will be well packaged and shipped UPS ground.

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