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F.S./T. : Ken Smith BSR6EG Elite. Cocobolo Beauty!!

Danny R

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Yep :rolleyes:

I'm dumb, I know I can't handle 6 strings as well as I'd like but I keep getting them anyway :facepalm:


I just got this amazing bass, it's one of the best basses I've owned. I played it last night and it sounded awesome (thru my Bergantino HT-322 and WT-550). I did a solo and I messed up, the high C string got in the way..... Maybe I need to practice my 6 string chops or maybe I'm getting old!!


BSR6EG Elite series, Cocobolo top and back, Walnut core with Maple laminates. 5 pc Maple/Walnut neck and Ebony board. Series/Parallel switches, nice Maple knobs. Low, LOW action. Signature Smith sound is included :D


I'm looking for a 5 string bass of the same caliber like a BSR5EG Elite, Black Tiger, Roscoe or MTD +/- cash. The value is around $3800 so please, no silly offers ;)I'm not in a hurry to trade it/sell it. If you want to buy it lets talk!


Feel free to ask any questions and thanks for looking.













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It didn't last too long. I have a nice BSR5GN upgraded with the 5 pc body wings. Basically an Elite without the price tag :) Figured Walnut, Maple, Mahogany core, Maple & figured Walnut back. 5 pc maple/Purpleheart neck and ebony board. I might sell it but I'll need at least $3200 plus shipping in my paypal account ;) I'm only considering selling it because I want to fund a Black Tiger Elite!













Still available?

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They're both gone now. The 5 string Smith lasted less than 1 day!! I'm getting a very special Smith.....

I lke your bass! I'm selling a Fender combo on the CL to fund a PS3, our 360 got the red ring of death thing.......

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