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FT F/S American Fender Jazz bass 4 string


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Hey everybody.Im Kinda new here but have done deals on talkbass before they did the transaction service with the same name.I Should have two trades listed on my talkbass but only have one Im trying to fix now.


Any way I have a 1998 Fender American Standard Jazz.The bass is in overall very good cosmetic condition Except for buckle rash on the back,A chip out of the headstock and some wear at the end of the fingerboard.Everything works good on the bass and has no issues.The straps buttons dont match though.I tried getting pics of the buckle rash on the back but couldnt capture it but note that its there.Except for the back and whats mention there is no finish or dings and dents as far as I can see.Im loooking for lots of stuff in trade and basicaly just want a change,though I just reaquired this bass back.Im looking for a beaten well played Stingray or Spector to balance out the value.Fender Urge 1 with the JPJ pickup lay out,steinberger synapse.Im also enterested in a nice 6 String bass.I like ibanez as long as there not the Soundgear 406,506,886,or 706.I will sell it for $575 Shipped,No case but will be packed well.Open to all offers.If you are a well established trader Im more then happy to Send first if we are doing a trade.

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