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distortion pedals and synths!

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just don't get enuf love. Especially from keys guys.


I could not live without mine.


my fav's are:


the Boss Heavy Metal pedal

the ProCo Rat



I also have a black pedal that someone painted "spaz" on in gold fleck paint pen.

I think it is an Arion. It's great for that "crappy high end" 80's distortion!:D

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yes sir, it is.


you too can annoy the living {censored} out of anyone in the general vicinity.


access + proco = bad ass.


trust me.


you can get a rat or a HM for about 30-50$ USD.


It's so much fun. Man, you can just saturate the sound with fuzzy goodness.


I'd recommend, with a stereo synth, taking the mono out and then into the pedal, then taking the left out and mixing the two on a board or in the pc or whatever, that way you can really go out there (applying more FX to the left side, etc.)

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