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FS/FT - Fender Jaguar "Bottom Master" (Bass VI)


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Looking to sell or trade away my super cool and rare Fender Jaguar Bottom Master (basically a non-trem Bass VI). A baby is on the way so some things need to go.


Specs -



28.5" scale

Tuned E-E

2 single coil pickups

Fixed Bridge

Fuzz Circuit - Battery cover can be seen in the pic of the back. Fuzz ranges from nice and light to really thick and raunchy.


The Bottom Master was only made for 2 years in Japan (CIJ) and never sold in the US. It is like having a guitar, a baritone and a bass all in one. Think vintage Bass VI, just no trem to worry about.


The guitar is dead mint. I can't find a scratch anywhere on it. It still has the plastic on the pickguard and pickups.


Value - Used trade value would be around $1,450, but that is negotiable of course. I may be willing to negotiate more in the case of a straight cash deal. Preferred deal would be gear plus cash for the Bottom Master since I need to get at least a few hundred in the deal.


I really want a Telecaster, preferably MIA with a Maple fretboard, but MIM is fine as well, especially a Road Worn.


Also interested in -

Gibson ES-339

Vox AC15H1TV

White (or platinum) Gibson LP

Edwards LP

Any Fender offset, especially older Mustangs or Jazzmasters

Old Fender Amps



Lots of other stuff...


I am open to any other offers as well. You never know what may pique my interest.


Feel free to PM me with any questions and offers. Please, send cash offers via PM only, not in this thread.


Pics -












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