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1985 Washburn Sarzo B-70RS bass

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1985 Washburn Sarzo B-70RS bass


Famed hair band bassist Rudy Sarzo (Ozzie, Whitesnake, Quiet Riot, etc) collaborated with Washburn to come up with the Rudy Sarzo signature bass line. This one is the rarest of the bunch ( Set neck, red/white, the Bizarro bridge and control layout) and has become quite a collectible item.


The fretboard is sealed ebony. Washburn soapbars and active electronics. 34" scale, 19mm spacing at the bridge. It's light for its size, approx 9#.


The tail strap button was moved to the lower bout. No neck dive that way and the bass hangs comfortably.


Pix here:




The pictures show the white areas a bit more yellowish then it actually is, although it has taken on a more "aged" look over the years. Overall condition is very good considering it's 25 years old and has been played. Just one small ding, and a bit of worn paint in a heel crease. Truss rod works. Frets/fingerboard/neck are fine. With the OHSC.


Current pricing on these is over $1k. Primarily looking for guitar trades, or part trades. Only bass equipment I'm still looking for is a Peavey Cirrus 5 (as a part trade).



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