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TIM'S BASS PURGE: '78 Jazz, Sage 5 Custom, 2 Warmoth Js, Ibanez Roadstar, Squier II P


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There comes a time in a man's life when he realizes he needs to focus on what's important. As a bass-playing man, what was important in the past for me was owning awesome, beautiful basses. This got out of control, and left me with 12 awesome, beautiful basses (well, mostly beautiful there are a couple ugly ducklings. :)) I realize now that I need to trim the fat and focus on playing. I need to love playing basses more than buying them. Owning 12 basses is somewhat absurd given my level of talent, so I would be happy if I could get my collection down to 7 or 8.


Domestic shipping is preferred and included in the price. International shipping will be considered but you will have to pay actual shipping + insurance. Paypal or money order is fine. All reasonable cash offers will be considered. SOME trades considered, but only if they include cash on your side. The bass I would be most likely to trade is the Sage fiver - for a less expensive fiver + cash.


I've tried to capture wear and tear in the pictures and descriptions, but as you know, it's nearly impossible to catch everything. Please ask questions if you are picky about wear and tear. I take exceptional care of my gear.


Here we go... let me just cry a bit first... :cry::facepalm:



1978 Fender Jazz

I have dumped a ton of money into this bass. Most recently, I had it completely re-fretted and had the back of the neck re-finished. A new nut was also installed. This is not by any means an original bass. However, it IS an incredible bass. Naturally flamed maple neck, nice headstock patina, beautiful wood grain. Professionally re-finished by Pat Wilkins in root beer brown. I also had him convert the 3-bolt neck to a 4-bolt because the original neck pocket had a gap as wide as the Gulf of Mexico. Now it only has a small gap. The original chrome is remarkably shiny. The original electronics are gone and have been replaced with an Audere 3-band preamp. Battery box installed on the back. Badass bridge pictured is no longer there - I put a Fender reissue grooved saddle bridge on it. Some minor scratches and dings from hardware changes etc. The neck has some small blemishes but is in amazing shape overall. Schaller straplocks. Case is a reissue and will be included. $1950 shipped o.b.o.


All '78 Fender Jazz pictures here




Sage Custom 5-string

5-string bolt-on bass, fully custom-made by Sage Guitars in 2006. Swamp ash body, figured walnut top, high gloss finish. 6-bolt flamed maple neck with a really nice wood stripe down the middle that appears to be flamed walnut. Macassar ebony fretboard with silver-ringed dark wood dot inlays. Black Hipshot hardware and black Schaller straplocks. Aero pickups with macassar ebony covers, and a macassar ebony control cavity cover on the back. The pictures show it with an Audere preamp, but I have since swapped that out in favor of a Seymour Duncan 3-band preamp. This bass is very lightweight, well balanced, and sounds amazing. Scale length is 35". The string spacing is a very comfy 18 mm. There is one small headstock ding, along the edge (you can kind of see it in the pictures), a tiny area of some residue on the fingerboard (possibly a dab of glue, but it's barely noticeable), some very minor wear to the black paint on the hardware, and maybe a few scratches here and there on the body. Overall she's in excellent condition. I do not have a case but could maybe rustle up a gig bag. It doesn't have strings in some of the photos but I will string it before I ship it. $1950 shipped o.b.o.


All Sage custom 5-string pictures here




Warmoth Pau Ferro/Birdseye Maple Jazz

One of the most beautiful basses I've ever put together. Body and neck are Warmoth. Gorgeous pau ferro top laminate over mahogany body. Amazing birdseye maple neck with clear gloss finish and abalone dot inlays. The pickups are Fender USA Jazz single-coils from a Hwy One bass. The preamp is a Glockenklang 2-band (V/Bl/Tr/Bass) - with no center detent on the blend. Note: The electronics are not installed - you will have to wire up the preamp. Babicz Full Contact Hardware bridge and Hipshot knobs. Hipshot ultra-lite tuners. Some minor dings and scratches from hardware changes. Never gigged. It hurts me to put this up for sale but it's just extraneous in my collection. I'd prefer to sell the whole bass but will consider selling the loaded neck/loaded body if necessary. $950 shipped o.b.o.


All Warmoth pau ferro Jazz pictures here




Warmoth Fretless Jazz

I don't even know how much money I've sunk into this gorgeous beauty, and it makes me a little queasy to think about. Nonetheless, I never play it, and it's way too nice a fretless for someone with my extremely limited fretless abilities. Body and neck are Warmoth. Amazing clear gloss swamp ash body. Flamed maple Precision-bass neck (nut appears to be a 1.6875" maybe even 1.75") with amazing Brazilian rosewood fingerboard. The back of the neck was professionally re-finished in satin by Pat Wilkins and he also did a glass-like poly finish over the fretboard that is tough as nails. He also add "side lines" which are little white edge-of-fingerboard marks where the frets would be. EMG active Jazz pickups that sound warm and organic - the only EMGs I've ever liked. Tons of mwah. No preamp but there's a battery box since the pickups are active. Fender USA string-through-body bridge. $950 shipped o.b.o.


All Warmoth fretless Jazz pictures here




1984 Ibanez Roadstar P

Ugly Duckling #1. A 1984 Ibanez Roadstar made in Japan. These have their faithful followers because they are incredible basses. I just bought this baby a month or two ago, had a custom B/W/B pickguard made for it by Chandler's Pickguard Heaven, and now here it is for sale. I can include the white pickguard if you want it. Stock pickups, stock bridge, but I changed the pickup cover to creme. I put creme knobs on as well. The frets are worn but still have life. The E-string tuner bushing is not original and slightly smaller than the other three bushings. Plenty of mojo, lots of scratches on the front. This is a player's bass and it sounds HUGE. It's also very lightweight. The neck has some nice wear and feels very "broken in." No case but I could find a gig bag. $350 shipped o.b.o.


All Ibanez Roadstar pictures here




1989 Squier II Precision

Ugly Duckling # 2 (the Ugliest Duckling.) This is a real pawn shop beater but it's certainly got its charm. Made in Korea in the late 80s. Someone did a terrible blue refinish job that is actually my favorite part of the bass. I love the way the black shows through and it almost looks marbled in a way. I'm sure it was not intentional but it looks cool. Someone also put some evil voodoo skull stickers over the pickguard. I would take them off but I'm afraid they'll haunt my dreams :D No, the real reason is that the pickguard appears too shallow at the neck, and the skulls stickers kind of cover that up a bit. Plus the color scheme works. Pickup is original and sounds huge. Bridge is original. Now the neck. This is an amazing neck with one issue. The truss rod nut appears to be just about shot. The truss rod itself is fine, but the nut should probably be replaced. The action is a bit high, but definitely playable, so if you're a punk rock picker, this will work well for you. Otherwise, the neck is great, and the frets are in pretty great shape. I replaced the original sealed back tuners with sealed back clover-leaf tuners. I had to widen the holes a bit with sandpaper and used super glue to secure them. I took a green scrubby pad to the front and back of the headstock to give it a matte look but I left the rest of the neck alone. The bass came to me wired "straight to jack" but I added a pickup harness from another Squier so it has brand new pots and sounds great. No case, but I may have a gig bag. $175 shipped o.b.o.


All Squier II P-bass pictures here



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