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FS/FT: 1989 Carvin LB75 5-string bass


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This is the original version of the Carvin neck-through bass design, and 1988/89 were the only two years it was offered as a 5-string with passive electrics. The HB13 13-pole pickups were also only available for those two years. A terrific bass, especially for that traditional Rock sound. The stacked humbuckers can be individually split. The single-coil tone is as good as any I've ever found. Also has a phase switch for even more tone options. It also has the traditional Carvin 34" scale, making the transition from a 4-string easier (this is actually why I'm selling it - all my other basses are 35" scale and at my age the switching between 34 and 35 can easily confuse the fingering #:( ).


To top is off: it has the "Stereo" option - a separate output for each pickup. Using this to drive two separate amps, or the stereo input of a MFX, can really give some cool sonic effects. Of course you can also use it as a "standard" mono output.


The bass also has first-rate hardware including a hefty Schaller roller bridge (also discontinued after the 89 model year) and perfectly functioning tuners. It has the (optional) beautiful book-matched flame maple top.


The bass is 20+ years old, but you wouldn't guess it from the condition. Very nice, I think it's a pretty bass, and it does get it's share of compliments. The fingerboard and frets are in very good condition, everything works correctly, and it comes with the original Carvin case (it's traveled a lot, so it's worn but still does the job while not being terribly ugly). All in all a beautiful bass; with a great traditional passive electronics bass tone; and with a strong "collectible" upside.


Will consider guitar trades or part trades.


Additional pictures here:




$750 plus shipping



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