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Carvin LB76 six-string bass


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Picked this up recently but it's really too much for me. I was gonna string

it E-E instead of B-B so I could tune it like a guitar, but I've decided that

I just need to stick to a basic 4-stringer for when I need a bass.


Carvin LB76 (2007)

Mahogany neck and body, neck thru.

Quilted maple top in trans black (looks brighter in the pic than it is).

Blackburst edge, opaque black back

no inlays (dots on side)

black hardware

18V preamp (more headroom)

stainless steel frets

Carvin SKB hardshell case


$700 shipped/pp'd in the lower 48.

more pics at: http://users.ece.cmu.edu/~tms/carvin/lb76



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