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***Warwick Corvette $$ (double buck) 5 - German made***

Cliff Fiscal

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For sale - Warwick Corvette $$ 5 in Natural Finish with 'Wick Gig Bag.


This is the German version


*I'll post new pictures tonight*


Here are some older pics:







This was my main recording bass for the last few years.

It's in good shape, no major wear, and zero issues.

The frets show minimal wear, and everything works as it should.

The truss turns easily and sets up well.

Electronics are stock, and function without issue.

No marks on the neck (the best neck I've ever played).


It's a great bass that I'm sad to part with.


Full disclosure:

-Some of the black hardware's finish is wearing off. It was this way when I got it, and hasn't gotten any worse.

-There's a small chip in the body behind the bridge, it was this way when I got it. Effects nothing but cosmetics.

-There's some discoloration where your forearm would contact the body, but it may be able to be buffed out. (will detail in pictures tonight)



I'm looking to get $800 Shipped in the 48.

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