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Jazz Bass with Badass Bridge, Dimarzio and HSC - $325 shipped


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I'm looking to sell these two instruments to free up some space in my apartment. First is a 1995/96 MIM Jazz Black/Black with Rosewood fretboard, dimarzio pickups, and Leo Quann Badass II bridge. I picked this thing up off of craigslist in pretty terrible shape. It was covered in some really gross element skateboarding stickers, the actions was stupidly high, the electronics didn't work, and the neck was covered in grime. So I took it home, dismantled it, rewired it, took off all the stickers, and got rid of the sticker goo, the neck goo, and cleaned the piss out of it. Now it's got great low actions, and it the Dimarzio pickups have a really great growl to them. I thought I was going to like playing a full-scale bass again, but I'm pretty addicted to the short-scales that I've got, so I'm hoping that myabe one of you fine folks will want to benefit from the fruits of my labor. The bass has some pretty decent road wear, a decent amount of buckle rash, and a nice little gouge on the bottom bout. I'm going to get some more pictures of it, but for the time being I have one of the bass from right after I finished cleaning it, and pictures of the body gouge and headstock from right before I cleaned it up. One of my friends mentioned to me that it looks like a "squier series" logo may have been sanded off the headstock before I got it (serial is mn510512), but I don't know for sure, so I'll assume that there is a good chance this was from the "squier series." It's a great playing bass, with some seriously nice upgrades. I'd like to get $275 shipped(neck off) paypal gift in the U.S. Shipping will be from 49855. or $325 shipped with the hardshell case. I'll ship outside, but it will cost a little more. Open to offers, parting it out, etc... Let me know if you've got questions.



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