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F/S Dean "Demonator 4" Neck Thru - WITH BARTOLINIS


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This is NOT the junk Demonator version! This is as close you can get to the "Ultimo/David Vincent Signature" model.

Early run production version of the Demonator 4 neck-thru that has the Warwick bridge and all black hardware. I installed the same Bartolini T4CBC dual-coil active humbuckers used in the "Ultimo/Signature" version (pickups are worth $250 alone). Professional set-up done late last year.

This bass has been played out - it's supposed to be, it rocks! Very Good shape for a non-studio bass 8/10. I sanded the back of the neck with 2000 grit paper to improve neck speed. If you don't like it, it can be buffed back up with Turtle Wax.

Has custom fitted Dean hardshell case.

$750 USD via PayPal. I'll pay shipping

 I'm out of work, I need the money.

(p.s Guitar Center wants $670 for these used without a case and stock pick-ups!)





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