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FS: Darrin Huff 4 String Custom Rainbow Bass


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Due to a medical condition that is currently preventing me from playing bass I'm considering selling my Darrin Huff Custom Z 4 String Rainbow Bass. This is a "one-of-a-kind" bass and Darrin has stated that he will not make any more Rainbow basses. For those who are unfamiliar with Huff Basses - they have a vibe similar to Carl Thompson basses.


Details are follows:


I'm looking for a buyer who will purchase the bass "now", before the bass is fully completed. This will allow the buyer to still make a few decisions on the final specs of the bass. If you choose to go this route, once you pay for the bass you will be working one on one with Darrin with regards do final details and the bass would be shipped directly to you upon completion. Details on this bass are as follows:


Huff 35" Scale Custom "Z" 4 String Rainbow Bass:


35" Scale Set-Neck

Ebony Fingerboard

29 Piece "Rainbow" Body (Flame Walnut, Peruvian Walnut, Purple Heart & Flame Maple)

26 Fret

Neck Woods: Wenge w/Flame Maple Racing Stripes

Fiber Optic Side Dots

Fully Carved Scroll (front and back)

No Fingerboard Face Dots/Inlays

Black Hardware

Matching Walnut Headstock "Front" & "Rear" Laminate


Please contact Darrin to see what options are still available. Obviously, as the bass progresses towards completion, the available options narrow day-by-day. *Note: Please limit inquiries to Darrin with regards to this bass to only those who a seriously interested in purchasing the bass. Darrin has many orders to fill and I don't want to waste his time with needless inquiries that may slow down his production.


Pictures can be found on his website at the following link:




I have build pics of the neck and body and let me just say that it is going to be absolutely stunning! Again, I'm looking for a buyer who will purchase the bass now while its still under construction and make some final decisions as to make it their own. I can provide progress pics to those who are interested. According to Darrin, since I haven't taken possession of the bass yet it can still be considered "NEW" with regards to the sale. The bass has been fully paid for in advance. Since the bass is still "NEW", I'm looking to sell the bass for what I have in it.


I'm asking $ 3450 for the bass which is what I have invested. Reasonable offers will be consdered.


If interested please contact either myself via PM or you can email Darrin at darrin@dhuffguitars.com for details.

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