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FS: Unique high-end bass: Boogie Bodies $500


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Hi all -


I have a very interesting 4-string with Barts, a 2-band EQ, and a 2TEK bridge. I got it years ago in a trade with Guitar Villa, where the story was that the bass had been there on consignment from the builder, but then the builder went out of business.


I am thinking of selling. This is a unique instrument, for sure, but with great features, great playability, and a great modern sound. FWIW, I would characterize the bass's tone as sort of an Alembic/Warwick hybrid, but with more midrange than either of those.


Any info anyone might have about the bass's possible origin, history, or value would be very much appreciated, BTW.


Thanks -



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That's cool!!! This is a killer bass. I was up there around 1997-1998 and played that bass. Then, hanging right next to it was this little PJ bass with a stupid butterfly on the headstock. I had no idea what it was, but it had a $2,500 price tag and I thought "this must be a killer bass". Anyway, this thing reminded of that Fodera to this day. That is a cool bass man. You don't see them around at all.

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