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RARE ARBOR Flying V Bass Made in Japan


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I cannot for the life of me find another guitar that looks like this. Not many neck thru vintage Arbors around anymore so don't miss your chance. Excellent tone and feel. Neck is straight with minimal to very light fret wear. No buzzing of any sorts.

Only issue is one of the machine heads has snapped off. Needs a new tuner. Not too big of an issue considering its rarity. 

I think these were made in Japan from the little info I could gather online.

Sorry no case to include.

Drop me a line, call, or text if you're interested. $220shipped

Thanks for looking.


Paypal gift or cash in person only. I've got plenty of good feedback on ebay, user id analogfizz . I used to buy and sell(even traded) about 10 years ago here on the classifieds. It's been so long I don't even remember what the id or email was. Lots of gear I'll be unloading here in the next few weeks.  Most of its on my local Craigslist as well. I'm in the Houston,Tx area and have lots of experiance in packing and shipping. If you'd like to see my listings just go to Houston CL( or here as well) musical instruments and type in thethiefandthearchitect and don't forget to check us out on facebook.


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