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ADA MP1, ADA Microcab II, Rockman Chorus/Delay, Rockman Stereo Echo


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I keep coming back to this rig after buying digital modelers like the GT8 and GNX3000. The modelers sound good and they are convenient. That's why I want to try the Vox Tonelab. I know it will OK, and I can live with that. But nothing sounds as good as a real analog signal path. If only I still had my Tube Works Reverb rack, then this setup would never be sold. I just sold my Lexicon MPX1, which I was using for reverb. I'm pushing 50 and I don't want to program anymore. Just something with a small footprint that sounds good. I love stereo effects, but dealing with the pedal mess is not what I want to do either. Been there, done that.

You can't miss with the MP1. I've owned the Classic version and the MP2, but the original just has the open sound to it. The Microcab just does a great job of going direct. I sold my power amps and speaker cabs a long time ago. Going direct into a set of Mackie 450's now, and it just sounds amazing.

The Rockman effects are timeless. That's why they are still in such demand. After 20 years, you would think someone could make a better sound chorus or delay, and the boutique builders try, but the Rockmans still stand out. I'm not a fan of the Sustainor sounds though, and I have owned all of them, including the XPR.

Afte talking about it, I may just put in the closet. I know once I get the Tonelab, I'll be sick of it in 4 months. Just not the same.

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