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FS Keeley Compressor (2-Knob) and Keeley Phat Mod BD-2


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The holidays are coming, and I have finally tuned in my PodXT Live, so I need to unload a couple of pedals to free up some Christmas Shopping cash.


SOLD First, I have a 2-Knob Keeley Compressor with the Internal Attack Control. The pedal is in great shape, has seen minimal use, and sound incredible. If you're looking at this, and have spent any decent amount of time browsing/poosting here, you know how incredible this comp is. I'm asking $150 shipped for the Comp.


SOLD Second, my Keeley Phat Mod BD-2. This is a great OD pedal with all the right tones and is in GREAT shape. The Keeley Mod turns this pedal into a serious machine. Very much a tubescreamer on steroids! Asking $110 shipped for the BD-2.


Both pedals have 3M Dual Lock affixed to the bottom, but I can remove it easily prior to shipping if you prefer.


If you have any questions, PM me, or send an email to me at rickkrueger@optonline.net. I have excellent feedback on eBay under the user name WaysideRickNJ.





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