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FS: Ludwig Phase II, Death By Audio, Skreddy, etc

orange worker

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Will consider partial trades for the Ludwig.



Dr. Scientist Radical Red Reverberater

72 Tele Deluxe Reissue (white or gold) - w. Large headstock

Fender Jazzmaster

Mutron Bi-phase

Zvex Wah Probe

79 Antigua Strat (hardtail, rosewood pref.) - would trade straight up

79 Antigua Strat Reissue

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While Bruno mulls it over, i've thought of some other stuff i'd be into trading for:


Fender Bass 6

Danelectro/Jerry Jones Baritone or Sitar (no longhorns)

Danelectro Bellzouki

Zvex Drip Guitar

Haindpainted Box of Metal/Box of Rock

Breedlove acoustic/electric guitar

Foxrox TZF


Skreddy Pink Flesh/Top Fuel/Mayonaise/Screw Driver/Zero

Moog Murf

Moog Freqbox

Moog Delay


not interested in any amps

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