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For trade: my Monsterpiece MKII fuzz for your wah pedal...


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Hello all,


I just received a Monsterpiece NPN fuzz today and it edged out my Monsterpiece MKII for the 'fuzzy' spot on my pedal board. I ordered the NPN (Fuzz Face inspired circuit) out of curiosity and it seems to fit what I do a little better than a Tone Bender type fuzz.


This MKII is in excellent physical condition and in perfect working order. It has velcro on the bottom and there is one small paint chip on the left top edge (see pics below). I'd like to get up to $80 trade value out of it.




I'll also sell it outright for $80 shipped CONUS (PayPal only - I'll cover the fees).


Since my new Monsterpiece NPN has pushed the MKII off of my board and fuzz is covered for me I'm posting it as trade bait for a Wah pedal. I'm looking for something in a standard Cry Baby type enclosure (it will be a platform for mods). A Vox 847 reissue, a BYOC wah kit (built or not)... throw me an offer. I am looking only for a wah pedal at this time. PM me for trade offers.


Thanks for looking! :)






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