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FS: Rack Equipment


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I am selling off my rack equipment (including the rack and Monster cables), and have the following available:


ADA S1000 one second digital delay - $75

Rocktron Prophesy (original one) - $500

T.C. Electronics M-One - $225

RackRider RR-15 Plus power conditioner with pull-out lights - $50


I also have an Aphex Aural Exciter, but that doesn't seem to work right now and my buddy is going to check it out - might be a short somewhere.


I also have an SKB 10 space rack unit - $125


I would prefer local sales (I live in Willmantic, CT) so I don't have to ship this stuff (especially the rack), but if you are willing to pay for shipping then I will figure out the costs and go from there.


Please PM me if you are interested and have any questions.





Please note the ADA processor is not currently in my rack...and if someone was interested in purchasing the entire rack setup including cables, a deal could be make.



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Prophesy and TC have sold....rack is on its' way out...


The Aphex Exciter is working, and am taking offers on that. I still have the power conditioner and Monster cables as well, in the following:


25 foot Performer 500 cable (1)

12 foot Performer 100 cable (2)

3 foot Studio 500 cable (1)

1 foot patch cable (2)


Looking for $50 for all cables

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