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Who's got pedals for sale? I've got PEDALS FOR SALE!!!


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Okay ... pedals ... w00t! ... buy them.


1. Modded BOSS BD-2. I don't know much about it, but I'm guessing it's got the Keeley Phat Mod w/ switch or someone's variation on it. Doesn't say Keeley ... still might be. Who knows? $60 Plugged this in today after not using it for awhile.... weird crackling sound when you turn the level over 1/2 ... probably just a loose cable or something. Price drop for that reason.


2. EHX Small Clone Chorus. A classic. Comes with Box and in great shape. $35 ON HOLD for Veangeance


3. MXR Super Comp. One more knob means it's 50% better!! Comes with box/papers. In IMMACULATE shape. Just a few hours of use. SOLD (Pending Payment)


4. MXR DoubleShot distortion. Pretty much two distinct distortions in ONE box. The best part of this pedal is that you have full control ... EQ, Level & Gain controls on BOTH CHANNELS. This is a titan. Comes with box, papers, manual & 18v Power Supply. $75 SOLD (payment pending) to KjStrat62


5. DOD Grunge. Dirtiest box of them all. $15 or trade for BOSS FS-5U SOLD LOCALLY


6. BOSS SD-1 w/ Monte Allums 808 Mod & Blue LED. Great little box that I really like, but I'd trade or sell for something else if the deal was right. Trade this and the BD-2 for Zvex Box of Rock? SOLD (Pending Payment)


7. BOSS RC-20 Loop Station. Nice little compact looper in pretty good shape. Thought I'd use it more ... but my DL4 is probably enough. $175





Plan on adding about $6-10 to all prices above for shipping. I'll pay PayPal.


If you're lucky, I might throw in a patch cable if I can find one lying around.


If you don't think my prices are fair ... make me an offer. I'm open to anything reasonable.

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Definitely not a Keeley BD-2 with the red LED.

Keeleys have a blue/white LED.




Thanks for the update man. I just googled "BD-2 mods" and Keeley was the first thing that came up and it had the toggle and everything... sorta sounds like the description there too.


So... maybe not Keeley ... but still a Phat Mod. I'm actually thinking about keeping it and sending it to JHS for their BlueDrive mod ... Sounds sweet and a bit more tailored to my style.

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