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Pedals for Sale or Trade w/pics


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I am new here but have alot of deals over at the Seymour Duncan Forum and can provide a list of references.


These are some of the pedals I have traded for or bought that I just don't use anymore. Here is a list of everything and some pictures. I will consider all trade offers.

These are some things I am looking for and would be a higher priority for me to trade towards.

Epi Les Pauls

Epi Explorer

Fender Telecaster

500k CTS Pots & 250k pots

Seymour Duncan Alnico Pro II Humbuckers

Seymour Duncan Seth Lover Humbuckers

Seymour Duncan 59' Neck Humbuckers

Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates Bridge Humbuckers

Seymour Duncan Atiquty Surfers for Strat

Quality Right Angle Patch Cables

Prices include shipping via U.S.P.S. priority mail and insured for the purchase amount. Shipping CONUS only.


1. Washburn Lyon Distortion- This pedal was to the best of my knowledge built by Boss. It is pretty much an MD-2 Distortion pedal. It is a high gain distortion and sounds just like it's Boss counterpart. It has a couple of scuffs but not chipped through to bare metal. $25


2. Electro-Harmonix Russian Big Muff- This pedal is in excellent shape and sounds great but I have a vintage one on the way so this one has to go. It is built like a tank because it was built from tanks! LOL $45


3. Boss OD-20 - I just got this pedal on a trade and I just don't have any use for it. I have put about 2 hours of playtime on it checking out all the features and it's a pretty cool pedal, but for the style I play, I already have higher end pedals that do the job for me. It has alot of pedal models that actually sound like the pedals they are replicating. It does the Boss HM-2, BD-2, OD-2, OD-1, DS-1, and MT-2. It also does TubeScreamer, FullDrive, Distortion+, Guvnor,Rat, Big Muff Fuzz, Fuzz Face, Octave Fuzz, and one labels Centa OD. It also has 6 other emulations which are Metal, Crunch, Boost, Loud, Stack, and Lead. Controls for Drive, Bottom, Tone, Level, Attack Shape, and Heavy Octave that can be blended in. It can be programmed also. $100


4. Morley Power Wah/ Volume- Pedal is minty and works great, Morley is just not the sound for me though. It also features a variable boost knob. $45


5. Dunlop JH-2 Old Model Jimi Hendrix Fuzz Face- This pedal is just about mint condition and the floorplate is still in exellent condition with all 3 rubber feet. Pedal sounds pretty cool and does a nice fuzz tone. $50


6. MXR 6 Band EQ- This pedal is only a few months old. It was bought new and I couldn't find a use for it. I had it for sale and let a friend take it and try it out, but he brought it back broken . It carries the guitar signal fine while not engaged, but if you turn it on it powers up but just hums. I let a few people check it out and they say it just needs a new switch. I would have taken it back for a refund, but I cannot find my receipt. It has the box and all the paper work and is mint condition other than the switch. ***Sold or Traded AS-IS *** $25


7. DigiTech Bad Monkey OD- It's seen some wear and has some chips in the paint, but works flawlessly. It is supposed to emmulate a tube OD, but I have some high end real tube OD's and the BM is not even in the running to stay on my board, not saying it's a bad pedal, especially for the price, but it's just not for me. $30


8. Boss HM-2 Heavy Metal- This is the real deal made in June of 84' in Japan!!! Not the Taiwan P.O.S. reissue. This thing sounds absolutely amazing for the style of music it was intended for, but I just don't play much of that style anymore. I have thought of keeping it for those few times I am in the mood to play something like older Metalica but those times are too few and far between these days. It has some chips in the paint but works like a champ!!! $75


9. Arion Stereo Phaser- This is another one I recently got on a trade and had no use for. It is in the original box and everything is minty fresh!!!! $25


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