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Bunch of pedals FS/FT


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I'm looking to replace a bunch of stuff I'm not using with stuff that I may use or play with for a short period of time only to get bored and trade it again.


Stuff I have to sell/trade:

VOX volume pedal - $40 + shipping - ON HOLD

Dunlop Cry Baby GCB-95 limited edition white wah - $40 + shipping

Boss CE-5 stereo chorus ensemble - $50

EHX Bassballs (full size) - $50

Morley A/B/Y switch - $30

Boss OC-2 - $50

Boss OC-3 - $60

Aphex Punch Factory - $70

Chandler Tube Driver rach preamp - SOLD

Cadence 2 space rack case (covered in fuzzy 80's carpet) - SOLD

Pair of cream Gibson P-90's (came out of my Studio Gem; no dogear) - SOLD


I'm looking for some kind of nice compression but willing to hear other trades.

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