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Wanted - Boss GT8 or TC Electronic GMajor (trade bait inside)


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I want another Boss GT8 or TC Electronic GMajor and am only willing to trade for it at the moment. I have the following as possible trade bait:


- Rocktron Intellifex effects processor

- Furman PQ3 Parametric EQ (that I really don't want to trade, but...)

- Fulltone OCD v2 OD pedal

- MI Audio Blue Boy Deluxe OD pedal

- Boss GE7 Graphic EQ pedal

- Duncan '59 bridge humbucker


That's all I can think of right now, but I probably have more stuff around the music room that I can trade. Hit me up if you have a GT8 or GMajor and want to make a trade. My email is hardrockguitar@gmail.com.


Plenty of references if needed.





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