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F/S: Compressor and Delay


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First up I have a digitech main squeeze I'd like to sell. In pretty good shape, with a few small paint chips. Works and sounds great. These are are $70 new so I'd like to get $40 shipped Continental US only. I will include a fresh 9V if wanted.:thu:






Next I have a rocktron short timer delay. This is a great sounding little unit for the price. I bought it because I found it warmer sounding compared to the cheap delay standard, the DE7. It doesn't produce very long delays, up to half a second, but that is plenty to add some ambiance to a solo or thicken up some chords. I used it in place of my amps reverb because I found reverb can muddy you up in a dense mix. Mint condition, no dings or chips of any sort. This is also $70 new so I would also like to get $40 shipped Continental US only. Once again it will be shipped with a fresh 9V if wanted.:thu:





If you would rather trade I am really only interested in an EH small stone(big or nano), but feel free to offer anything and everything:).

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