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So, here is what I got:


Zoom G2 multiFX pedal

Electroharmonix LPB-1 linear Boost

Danelectro FAB flange and FAB distortion (these sound pretty awesome actually).


I also have a GFS FAT PAF bridge humbucker from Guitarfetish, and a bunch of random duncan designed pickups of various types and qualities, both single coil and humbuckers.


I am looking for strat parts, as I have a squier that needs upgrading. Tuners, pickups, electronics, hell a nice pickguard to replace the 1 ply POS on it.


Also open to $$ offers but I figure most people have more strat parts than money around here...

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Passive Ceramic EMG's from a Johnson JS-800 strat copy. "Johnson EMG" stamped into the cover.


Leads were clipped and short so I spliced them, I soldered the connections and wrapped them with electrical tape to prevent any inadvertent contact no hum, or odd sounds...


Thinking about it probably no better than the Duncan Designed ones you say you have....


But the tuners are good! :D


Oh, and sorry no spare pickguards.

but djfrank has some here.


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