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Cable Sale!


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OK here's what I got after upgrading my cables on the rig -


I'll consider trades for (again) a Fender/G&G Tweed Tele case. Please note I will only ship CONUS!


Measurements are from the angles in the connectors.



20' Excalibur (with the silver ends) $20 shipped

10' Lifelines (with the one white end and one black) $10 shipped



2x20" patch cables SOLD


Mogami: SOLD

2x10.5" patch cables


Canare GS6: SOLD






All Mogami and Canare are Lava made with GH connectors. Take the mogami and canare patch cables as a lot, $120 -> $110 shipped.


Proco cables as a lot, $25 shipped.


Everything: $135 -> $125 shipped.





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Thanks, Pete, sent a PM back.


Just so everyone knows, I'm trying to find a buyer to take the patches as a lot. Packaging them up all onesies twosies gets expensive and even more-so a bit annoying taking trips to the post office! I'll post if this changes!


I'd consider splitting off the hosa's for $15 shipped/pp'd if you want them since they're not the best matches with the canare and mogami.

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