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digitech xp300 space station adaptor GOOD cond.


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Hello, im selling my xp300 space station. I hate to have to sell it because i've not seen anything else that does what it does, and its fairly rare..but 250$ takes it.

im in richmond, va USA-ill take cash, and paypal.

the unti is in perfect working order and comes with the adaptor.

If you've clicked on the ad, then im sure you know what it is. In case you don't it's a guitar pedal that has various synth settings on it-most notably the "string swell" that are pretty unique. it uses analog 1/4" ins-no drivers or anything...just plug and play. its the one on the right in the picture. im selling the dl4 for 180 locally if anyone lives in va and would like to pay for it.

id rather not sell either-and im really really really not kidding-but i need to pay the rent.

I guess that's it.

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