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Boss, TS-9, Pepperoni guitar pedals

Jim Hunter

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Shipping is $6 no matter whether you buy 1 pedal or ALL the pedals


Boss ME-6 multieffect, AC adapter & owners manual in EXCELLENT shape - $70 + ship


Boss OS-2 in EXCELLENT shape - $40 + ship

Boss PH-2 in EXCELLENT shape - $40 + ship

Boss OC-2 in EXCELLENT shape in the box with papers - $50 + ship

Boss HY-3/HM-3 in MINT shape - $40 + ship


Ibanez TS9 Reissue in MINT shape except the batter door is missing - $60 + ship


Danelectro Pepperoni in excellent shape with toe protector - $20 + only $ ship


I'M LOOKING FOR a set of Fender popin caster wheel

I'M LOOKING FOR 1 set of anyone's popin caster wheels AND brackets (Fender or Ernie Ball or whatever make)



I can send pix.

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Sorry about the confusion:


It's a Hyper Metal HM-3 made in Taiwan (I guess maybe it's like the Taiwan vrsion of the HM-2? Not sure).


If you're into MIJ, I have a nice vintage Boss CE-2B bass chorus and a nice vintage Boss LM-2B both made in japan!! $35 + shipping each

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