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RARE Vtg ROSS phase Distortion; Ehx Wiggler Tremolo, Frequency Analyzer, Line 6 MM4


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Some of them have velcro because they were in my pedalboard.


Wiggler Pure Tube Tremolo Vibrato. Sounds awesome. 140 SHIPPED. (Original Box, Power Supply)



Frequency Analyzer. Like New 110 SHIPPED (Original Box, POWER SUPPLY)


Line 6 MM4. 170 SHIPPED. (ORIGINAL BOX, dont have a PS)







ROSS phase distortion. NOS, with warranty card. This pedal is no joke, is a vintage goodness, straight from the 1973, sounds like new. the reviews says (and i believe it) it have inside the original tube screamer malasya ship and the original dod phaser ship) They cascade and sounds awesome. But it have to go, for the right price. REALLY HARD TO FIND. FUZZ FACTORY (Its the black one, not the white one)






HL 01 DOD Hyper lead analog distortion. in box, no power supply. 62 shipped. (its small, but kinda heavy)


Only accepts MONEY ORDERS. If you want to pay with paypal, u would have to pay extra fees.

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