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I have a mint condition Red With Moon Phaser Deluxe. Color is Blue. Has really bright Green l.e.d. Its a great pedal! No issues at all. Comes with denim pouch. It is signed on the bottom. Serial #2004305. Has 4 rubber feet. There is a little paint scratch near one of the screw pots on the bottom. Nothing major at all. It has a 9 volt jack. Can run stereo. These are top of the line pedals. Pics can be found at


Also have a Two Rock Ruby Head listed in the Amp forum. I also listed my mint condition Gibson Firebird (Black) in that same listing but will be making a separate listing for that and my Crowdster Acoustic in the Guitar Forum. But there are links to pics and everything for that there.

I will not ship or trade outside the USA, so please don't ask.

Price I'm asking is $350 shipped + split paypal

I will only consider these trades

Evidence audio Cables

A high quality flanger

Tara Labs speaker cables

Schecter C-1 Elite (White only)

Schecter Stiletto Bass (5 string, Cream only)

Schecter Jolly Roger

Deliverance 4x12 cab

Mid-fi Pitch Pirate or Glitch Computer

Keeley Katana or time machine

Rack mount case

Furman power conditioner with lights

Rocktron Blue Thunder or Hush C prefer newer model

I would like to try out some sort of vocal effect processor

EH Hog

Mako Cab

Bad Cat Cab

Roccaforte Cab

Antelope Morning Dew EQ

Senn. 421 or 440 mic

A good Bass OD

Heads I want and would possibly throw out some cash for if I dont get the what I need out of my Two Rock Ruby Head. No combos

Mako Head

Mesa Dual or Triple Two Channel Older models

Bad Cat hot cat or tone cat

Divded by 13

Two Rock Two Channel Head


Please Pm

Thanks Mike

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