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Jim Hunter

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Shipping is a flat $7 on top of the prices below no matter whether you buy 1 or all:


Ibanez TS-9 Reissue in EXCELLENT shape - $65

Ibanez TS-10 in the box with papers LIKE NEW - $45


Boss CE-2 MIJ in EXCELLENT COSMETIC shape (just a few SMALL nicks), black label MIJ, serial no 9100 (Feb 1980) but doesn't play (no idea what's wrong) - BEST OFFER

Boss OS-2 in EXCELLENT shape - $40


Boss BASS Limiter LM-2B (Vintage old-style unit) - $35

Boss BASS Chorus CE-2B (Vintage old-style unit MADE IN JAPAN) - $35


Danelectro PB&J in EXCELLENT shape except for missing 2 knobs (pots can still be turned and the unit works100%) - $20



Yamaha Tap Tempo pedal in excellent shape works with Boss DD delays, BF-3 flangers, PH-3 phasers, DS-2's, etc - $10 shipped ($5 if you buy a pedal)


I can send pix and I can toss in a free 9v batt with a pedal of you'd like.



- a set of popout caster wheels AND mountings (Fender, Ernie Ball, Marshall, etc)

- a pocket size chord reference book

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