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Bunch of Pedals FS


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Well spring is upon me and I have got the fishing bug pretty bad. I'm looking to buy a new jon boat to hit some smaller lakes with and need to come up with some more funds. I would really like to sell this group of 10 pedals as a lot, but feel free to PM me with offers on single pedals. Heres a list of the pedals I have to get rid of, all listed are in mint shape unless otherwise posted. I ship USPS Priority Insured with Delivery Confirmation and have plenty of references.


1. Dunlop Rotovibe

2. Catalinbread Ottava Magus Octave Fuzz

3. Boss CH-1 Chorus ( minor scuffs)

4. Boss CE-5 Chorus (minor scuffs)

5. Boss PH-2 Phase (minor scuffs)

6. Boss SD-1 (lotsa dings, but works perfect)

7. Boss HM-2 Jap (Few Dings)

8. Rocktron Short-Timer Delay

9. EHX Small Stone Phaser

10. Lyon (Boss) Distortion (kinda MD-2 ish)

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