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Aphek Peanut Butter $80 shipped + rack gear!


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Aphek Peanut Butter Overdrive : As good as new, bought it new and never even stomped on it, turned on and off with my hand. Works great, and a bargain of an OD. Comes with box and manual. $75 shipped Price drop





Ibanez HD1500 Harmonizer/delay : Has some rack rash and missing a knob. It still works fine and sounds very good for the money, good cheap delay and harmonizer that can do some crazy effects as well. $110 shipped




Rocktron guitar silencer, the one Bob Bradshaw likes and is in a bunch of pro rigs. This one is a little beat and missing a couple of the knobs but nothing serious and has a new power supply. Pictures coming. $175+shipping




Send me an email at Twangzilla@gmail.com or PM if interested. Thanks!

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