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FS: ibanez sm7 and morley pro series


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for sale is


ibanez sm 7 smash box with some scuffs and scratches no dings or dents. here are some details from gc "For super-aggressive heavy-rock distortion for that don't-mess-with-me attitude, this box will deliver. Comes armed with obscene amounts of gain, tight low end, and searing highs. A void switch eliminates excessive string noise and feedback. An edge switch allows 2 different preamp flavors"


asking 35 + shipping sold


MORLEY PRO SERIES DISTORTION WAH VOLUME PEDAL works great sounds great has some scuffs, scraps and paint chips


asking 65 + shipping sold



this is for the u.s 48 states my ebay name is the same as here korn2125. all prices are negotiable no pay pal just makes it easier pm me with any ??



morley pic




ibanez pic




will trade for tremolo no or dimarzio blaze 7

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