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Lotsa pedals FT/FS!


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Line6 DL-4, older version w/ power supply. Pots & jacks have recently been cleaned and I don't find this pedal to have the volume drop commonly associated w/ XX4's. SOLD!


Line6 MM-4, less than a year old w/ box, manual & power supply. I do notice the volume drop w/ this pedal. I tried 4 other MM-4's at the store when I bought it and noticed the same problem w/ all of them. ON HOLD


EXH Bassballs This is the larger version, not nano. Minty, I recently took the pedal apart to tighten the pot and clean everything out. SOLD - payment pending


DOD FX25 Envelope Filter, I got this pedal in a trade and I don't have enough room for it on my board. SOLD - payment pending


Aphex Punch Factory compressor, great sounding optical compressor but too transparent for my liking. Only a year old and mint aside from the velcro. SOLD!


Morley ABY, mint SOLD


Also interested in buying broken Tube Screamers & wah pedals.

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