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Moog low pass filter, Keeley AD9 for sale!!!!


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Heres a deal on a excellent pair of pedals.


-Moog Low Pass Filter $170

-Keeley modded AD9 w/Expression $290


INTERESTED??? Read on for full details.


First up is a Moog Low Pass Filter. Unit is in excellent condition, no scratches on paneling or whatsoever. For such a nice piece, i could not find a use for it in my setup! Unit *DOES NOT* come with power supply, but any + tipped 9VDC will definitely work. Comes with instruction manual.


Each parameter on the pedal is expression/CV controlled, making it one of the most flexible effects you could incorporate in your setup.


give your signal subsonic low end or rubberbandy type mid range goo!


Second up is an analog delay w/great tone and bypass. I'm going to be letting go of this Keeley AD9.


I bought it brand new and modded from Keeley about 7 months ago... Level and Time pots are expression pedal controlled, which makes it more versatile than the run of the mill AD9. Price on his site is $399.



Due to it being used (but not abused)I'm willing to let this go for $290. It has minor scratches on the bottom side of the paint from wear due to transport with cables.


As always, the tone is spectacular. Max delay time is slightly over 300ms. Makes for a great slapback/ambient delay. Can be subtle for texture or a bit more out front for most delay tricks. Self oscillation is always fun, and the original Ibanez switch has been converted to engage oscillation, no matter where your delay feedback knob is put. The expression pedals help with maintaining full control over the Time and Level parameters.


No power supply with this pedal either. A common - tipped 9vDC is necessary though, as the battery port is occupied by the jacks for the expression pedals.


get back to me if interested, i would like to know ASAP as i need to save for a summer trip.


Pictures are available on request.



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